StartSender for MacOS X

This is a first, basic version of the StartSender for MacOS. It can for example be used on a MacBook to remotely start the clock and recording in Photo or Video finish. You set it up in the same way as StartSender on iOS: Just start the app and go into Set Start in Photo finish, choose Start Sender and sync. Use the buttons in the app or the keyboard to send commands.

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What are the differences between using StartSender on a MacBook and on an iPhone/iPad?
The basic functionalities are the same: Start the clock, start and stop the recording. But StarSender on the Mac does not have the ability to start on sound or motion. Neither does it have any self start functionality.

What are the system requirements?
The MacBook must run Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite). To establish a direct Wifi connector between the devices the MacBook must be from 2012 or later and the iPhone/iPad must have a lightning connector (older devices can use an external Wifi network or use Bluetooth).


v 1.2, May 18, 2016
- Compatible with the new sync process in SprintTimer

v 1.1, April 27, 2015
- Send pause command
- Play start sound

v 1.0, April 9, 2015
-Initial release